You will have certainly already heard talk of « Casual Game ». Although the exact term is not used very often, it describes a category of video games intended for a large audience.
A « Casual Game » is characterised by its gameplay, one of relatively simple rules and levels.

Video gamers often consider this category of game as social.

This type of game is developed for PCs, or as a game for internet browsers, and tends increasingly to be developed for mobile phones.

Players play Casual Games to relax for a few minutes in their spare time, for example while they’re on public transport, at home, at the office, in the daytime or at night-time… The sections are short and the levels are relatively easy to start with, which allows rapid progression, with congratulations awarded for even the slightest successes.

Casual Games do not require the player to have particular skills.

This category of game is most developed by small independant studios or by amateur developers, done on a smaller budget than traditional commercial video games.

The levels are designed to be almost impossible to lose, leaving them accessible to a greater number of people.

To give you an overview of this type of game, here is our list of ‘TOP 10 Most Played Casual Game in the World’.

« Casual Game » seems to still be evolving to attract more and more people, but how? Why not propose competition between players? Perhaps soon on World350?