From Casual Games to Super Casual Games

A few days ago in a previous post we discussed Casual Gaming apps such as Clash of Clans or Candy Crush, which have had a monopoly on the mobile gaming market for the past few years. However, a new trend is emerging: Super Casual Games, with flag bearers Flappy Bird, 2048 or even Stick Hero (Ketchapp Studio).

According to App Annie, throughout the year 2014, these Super Casual Games were sat comfortably in the Top 10 most downloaded games. Let’s shed some light on these new games causing all the buzz. What is a Super Casual Game? Why and how are we becoming addicted?

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The 4 Characteristics of Super Casual Games

#1 Short Gameplay Sessions

Super Casual Games are based on short and compact gameplaysequences. They are designed to fit perfectly into your everyday life, when you have a few minutes to spare (on the train platform, in a waiting room or even while walking !)  Flappy bird is the perfect example.

#2 “One-touch” Gameplay

This type of gameplay, referring to tapping on the screen to execute an action within the game, has seen a stark success among casual gamers.It allows you to take control of the game and adapt it to suit you quickly, or even instantly. No need to learn wacky combinations of complex HUB to maximise the app. Only your skill and a few levels will give you that sense of accomplishment and pride so saught after by gamers.

#3 Based on players natural skills

Contrary to the majority of hits, it’s possible to be good at most of the Super Casual Games. The completion of levels relies on the players ability to quickly identify winning combinations. That said, the progression of Super Casual Games is not the same as other types of games. Games such as Clash of Clans or Candy Crush have a linear progression due to their content, the passing of time and a little bit of luck, whereas with SCGs. the player is in competition with themself, to beat their own score and/or their friend’s scores. There is no real ‘advancement’ within the game.

#4 Monestisation via purchases and in-game ads

The in-app purchase is one of the ways best preferred by publishers to monetise video game apps. How does this work? The player has free access to the content. However, they are invited to pay to access additional premium content. This monetisation technique is called Freemium. In the context of a gaming app, this often mean bonus features which help the player get ahead in the game. An example of this monetisation model is King, the publisher of Candy Crush Saga, who generated several millions of Euros in turnover profit.

According to you, who plays Super Casual Games? What are your favourite games from last year? And this year? Leave a comment below, or tweet us @GameW350

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In 2015, a new trend has emerged: Super Casual Games. But what is a Super Casual Game? Why and how have we become addicted?