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Answer : it’s very simple, it’s World350 ! You just have to observe the movies below. Now take your device and destroy all the rocks !

Answer : More and more of you want to challenge your friends. That is why we will offer this option in the next version of World350. But before we launch this new version do not forget that another way to compete is to save more lives than what the others do ! 

Gate World350

Answer : you can do so on Androïd and it’s very simple ! If you access your options you can take a picture of yourself by clicking on “edit my picture”. You can also change the size of your picture OR reshape your picture to make it match your avatar. 


Answer : Of course not.

The objective is to save as many lives as possible by creating a new world called World350. At your own speed. However, in order to save as many people as possible, we recommend that you go as quickly as possible for each level of the game.  


Answer : This is one of the most popular questions. 
As you know, the aim of the game is to save as many lives as possible. 

The winner of World350 is the one who saves the greatest number of human lives. Who will it be ? By creating your account, you can access the ranking of all the best players

Top Tip : be as fast as possible and test the different levels before the others !



Characters W350

Answer : Please note that the way the wind is blowing is key. After a few tries you’ll be able to do it !


Answer : The ultimate trick to raise more easily the minerals you need in the factory of World350 ! 

Have a look at the bottom left side of the screen and you will see a clock and a shield. The shield gives you the power to select the minerals so that you can collect the ones that are key for your next building. The clock gives you the power to slow down time so that you have more time to collect the minerals.

Be careful! as those two powers are limited in time OR are temporary.


Answer : Piece of cake ! You can draw in the central zone bordered with yellow (see picture below). When you start the game you can take your time as time doesn’t matter here !


Tip : If you can’t draw your password in the teleportation zone, you can get help by clicking on the “eye” at the bottom left side of the screen.Your password will be easier to find !



Answer: To finish one level, whatever the part of the game you are playing, the gauge on the right hand side must show 100%. Be careful, as you might lose % for each mistake you make.


Niveau terminé W350

Answer : You have two different ways to move the barrel : 

  • By using the gyro of your device
  • By directly putting your finger on the barrel to make it move



Answer : No building is in the same place. Ever. Therefore, your city is by definition different from your friends. By keeping on playing, new cities are automatically built. You will soon see the differences between all the cities you have created !


Answer : You are probably at the beginning of the cycle.If you finish it quickly you will be able to choose the part of the game you want to play.  


Select Game W350

Answer : With your map you can watch your city grow ! To construct your own city, you must play the different levels over again saving as many people as possible.


Map world350
Map world350