Do you find the time passes slowly while you’re on public transport? Do you like reading or listening to music on the bus, subway (US) / Tube (UK) or even on an plane but you’d like something new?

Well don’t worry, this article is written for you!

The team World350 has chosen 5 casual games (see our article on the subject) to help you pass the time.

Gamers or non-gamers, we’re sure that you will quickly get addicted after just a few plays!

#1 : Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush is THE casual game that everyone has heard of, adapted for all ages and all kinds of gamer!

It’s a puzzle game where you have to sort the candy sweets by colour to clear the each board the game throws at you.
You start off with five lives, which are used up each time you lose a round. To regenerate a life, you need to wait at least 30 minutes! One level of Candy Crush can be completed in the time it takes to travel two subway stations. Once you have used up all your lives, you can buy some more credit or close the app which will be ready to play again on your next journey.

#2 : Angry Birds

The principle behind Angry Birds is simple: some mean pigs have stolen the eggs of the nice birds. Enraged, the birds are desperate to get their offspring back, and will let nothing get in their way. Your mission? To propel them with a slingshot into the pig’s fortifications.

#3 Fruit Ninja

In Fruit Ninja, you have to chop the fruits on your screen and not the bombs! This addictive game offers you 3 modes: Classic, Zen and Arcade to optimise your skills. Now for you to chop your way to a high score!

#4 Draw Something

Ever played Pictionary? The idea behind Draw Something is pretty much the same. The objective? To do one or two drawings so that your partner can guess the word! The hardest part is having to draw on the screen with your fingers!

#5 Dots

Here is another game just as addictive as the rest. When you play Dots, you have to quite simply join up dots of the same colour to clear the table. The more dots you join in the same swipe the higher you score. Be careful, the game is timed!

Luckily, there is still a 6th alternative…

With these 5 games, you can no longer complain about being bored on public transport! A good way to break up the monotony of commuting or to fight everyday stress.

If you have already exhausted all these games, download World350 right away! What do you think? Leave your comments here!

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